Joseph "Wandering Grizzly Bear" Heldman (Dead Man)

A wanderer at heart, Joe, a Colville Indian, has visited every state in the Union. What else has he done? "Two tours in Vietnam. Did a hitch with the Hell's Angels. Played the horses a lot." He has been pals with Steve for 30 years, ever since they almost killed each other in a bar fight over the song "Motorcycle Mama."

"Not too much unlike the Dead Man, I have been wanted in more than one state. I like the Dead Man because he's always conniving, kinda like the spirit my people call Sinclip, the Coyote. He's an ornery little guy. Reminds me of me."

Joe was last seen on the big screen in the movie Hell's Angels '69 riding road captain, out in front of the pack.

Steve Pierre

Nick Erb

Audrey Seymour

Joseph Heldman

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