Robert Satiacum (Deputy John)

Son of the famous Chief Robert Satiacum of the Puyallup Indians, whose fishing-rights protests made national headlines and drew the support of celebrities like Marlon Brando, Robert knows well what it can be like to grow up in the shadow of famous ancestors. He also knows what it's like to walk the Red Road. "I had a great-paying job but I was spiritually empty. Some health problems caused me to lose the job and I took a step back and looked at my life. I didn't like what I saw. Like Eric, I moved back to the reservation and tried to find the old ways." He overcame several medical problems to take the role of Deputy John. Director Joel Metlen says, "Robert is a very natural and honest actor. He always brings a very positive energy both to the screen and to the set." Robert is currently on the path to becoming a medicine man.

Steve Pierre

Nick Erb

Audrey Seymour

Joseph Heldman

Robert Satiacum

Robert Monger
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